Creatine Myths Busted (YOU WILL FEEL HURT)

The link to the research proving creatine’s benefits for brain function:

There are lots of debates, myths, and misunderstandings around creatine. No, I don’t claim to know completely everything out there, but I certainly know about myths that don’t make any sense, and can prove you why. Is creatine a steroid? Can you take it while cutting (aka losing fat)? Can women take it? And, as it occasionally happens with me, I lost my mind a bit at the end giving a brief rant on the most foolish things I’ve seen people do:) Nothing personal, all I do is trying to help people not to fall into the stupid stuff, be smarter and more educated.
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And then they blame it all on creatine And just leaving reviews and comments Everywhere that creatine is a dangerous Supplement it destroyed my kidneys it’s Not creatine it’s because that person Didn’t know what the hell he’s doing What’s up guys coach nick is here with You there are lots of debates and Misinformation about creatine so in this Video i’m going to tell you all the no Bs information you need to know about This supplement let’s start with the Most ridiculous misunderstanding some People surprisingly still believe in Especially younger dudes it’s that Creatine is a steroid come on please if It was a steroid you would not be able To buy it so easily in almost any Supplement store people who believe that Creatine is a steroid simply don’t know The difference what are steroids and What is creatine steroids are hormonal Drugs hormonal drugs creatine though is An amino acid located mostly in your Body’s muscles as well as in the brain So it’s amino acid why don’t you think That Bcaas are steroids why protein is not a Steroid Most people get creatine through seafood And red meat even though at levels far Below those found in synthetically made Creatine supplements hormonal drugs are Not found in regular foods so if you’re

Afraid of creatine you can also just Start being afraid of seafood and red Meat By taking extra creatine all you do is Increase its total amount which has its Limits as well by the way and higher Creatine levels will improve your Athletic performance muscle strength and Even brain function here’s the proof you Can pause the video and look at it Creatine is one of the most if not the Most proven supplements to actually work And work very well the next nonsense It’s the belief that creatine will make You very bloated and you should never Take it when cutting aka trying to lose Fat Complete nonsense yes creatine creates Some water retention but primarily in Your muscle cells subcutaneously though Were a minimum if at all So creatine will not make you look like A pig it’s a total bs typically people Who make such claims look like pigs Because they’re either just fat Or eat a lot of crap And that’s why they’re bloated not Because of creatine look at this picture At that time i was taking 10 milligrams Of creatine per day do i look like [ __ ] So that’s exactly why there is nothing Wrong with taking creatine even during a Cutting phase i believe that it’s Actually the best time to take this

Supplement to maintain a solid workout Performance Muscle fullness and strength all of Which are crucial to spare muscle tissue During a lower calorie nutrition plan Because usually once you get into a Caloric deficit it becomes much harder To train You lose some strength you lose energy Workout performance drops and creatine Will help you minimize it now let’s talk About the loading phase some people Still use when taken creatine if you Don’t know yet it’s when you take a Bigger dose of this supplement for the First week to max out your creatine Levels faster usually people take about 20 to 25 milligrams of creatine per day And then after that week they switch to A maintenance dose of around only five Milligrams per day well there is nothing Really horrible about the loading phase But I think that for 95 percent of people That’s not necessary at all yes you Might fill up your creatine levels and Reach the peak of its benefits a bit Faster but on the other hand some people Again some people not everybody might Irritate their gut by taking that much Creatine that’s why i recommend to take Creatine with food instead of an empty Stomach so unless you have an urgent Need to pick your muscle fullness

Strength and performance don’t do the Loading phase just take the same dose Which varies between three and ten Milligrams since day one and for the Whole cycle the perfect dose will be Individual for everybody it depends on Multiple factors but primarily on your Body weight but the sweetest spot for The majority of people is five Milligrams per day and the last thing Since the whole bs and misbeliefs about This supplement are built around the Over exaggeration and hype around its Benefits for muscle mass strength gains And bloating some people think that this Supplement is only good for men and Women should not even touch it total Stupidity again creatine is not a Freaking steroid it will not blow up Your muscle mass not even close so even If you’re a woman and your goal is to Improve your strength and workout Performance You can consider taking it and anyway I’m always blown away by what people are [ __ ] afraid of let’s say Theoretically you start taking it you Get bloated even if even though it’s not Gonna happen but let’s say even if you Do you don’t like it whatever it doesn’t Work for you that might be the case Everybody is different some people don’t React well to even a whey protein They get gas diarrhea a bunch of stuff

Just stop it creatine costs peanuts it’s Usually very cheap especially if you go For creatine monohydrate not all these New fancy types of creatine which are Not necessary at all they’re just way More expensive Even though they don’t really have any Advantages serious advantages over Creating monohydrate the old school one So to be very honest blunt and direct With you stop being afraid of stupid Stuff if you have that kind of anxiety And worry about regular Supplements that has to stop it just Doesn’t make any sense you take creatine For example and let’s say you are one Out of a hundred people That didn’t react well to it you just Didn’t like something about it so so What just give it away to somebody That’s it at least you will learn the Lesson that okay i Do not react well to creatine and i and I shouldn’t buy it anymore i can already Hear people saying oh i don’t want to End up wasting money and so on what are You talking about this piece costs like 20 bucks people spend hundreds on Starbucks and they never even think About it just make sure you don’t fall Into the trap if you got something wrong With you but you ended up putting it all On creatine while you’re not even Drinking enough water i had people

Complaining about kidney issues and then They blame it all on creatine and just Leaving reviews and comments everywhere That creatine is a dangerous supplement It destroyed my kidneys and then i found Out that that person was drinking only One liter of water per day and drinking A ton of alcohol every single day it’s Not creatine it’s because that person Didn’t know what the hell he’s doing Alright guys i hope that this video was Useful if you loved it make sure you Click that like button subscribe to my Channel check out my other videos i’m Out

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