Beware of artificial sweeteners and refined sugars

Beware of artificial sweeteners and refined sugars

Some artificial sweeteners alter our gut microbes, possibly increasing the risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

The feeling is familiar: you sip that diet soda and savor its sweetness without the guilt and calories associated with sugar. But a new study suggests that these artificial sweeteners may not be as harmless as previously thought; they may even increase the risk of diabetes or weight gain.

The scientific community has long suspected a link between artificial sweeteners (saccharin, sucralose, aspartame and stevia) and obesity in humans, but until now that connection had only been demonstrated in laboratory mice. Now, in an unprecedented trial, scientists in Israel have tested these chemicals in humans.

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Hi there this is Dr Luis Vasquez for Bullman Brothers I want to share with you this link of The FDA about Um Synthetic sweeteners in other words not Refined sugar let's go down to business Okay so I would invite you guys to Google this Website or this link I'm talking about the FDA Food and Drug Administration this is quite relevant Because this is the authority in the United States and basically for the Western World in terms of drugs Many commands Um and Food Okay So we all know that the refined sugar is Not healthy because it can cause you Obesity what else overweight high levels Of triglycerides fat fatty liver disease And many other diseases we all know that That's why during the 20th and 21th Century Scientists came up with this let's say Fake or synthetic sweeteners so the the FDA approved this sweeteners As I I will mention saccharine as Pertain potassium accessible Fame Advantage neotame These are the synthetic sweeteners Approved to be used in U.S soil

Okay This is what you are drinking or eating Eating every time you drink this uh Let's say Cola drinks soft drinks with no sugar at All let's say light all of them must Have at least one of these ones because This is these are the only ones the only Ones approved by the FDA do you are you Following me did you follow moreover There are also some products out there On the Shelf That also have these sweeteners because Take this into consider consideration We find sugar Refined sugars price is like I don't Know this However this uh synthetic sweeteners Price is this so it's really affordable Cheap to to use these products To develop these ingredients to to Develop a new product with no sugar at All and that's why what the industry is Providing you to eat from the shelf and That's why you are getting diseases such As and this is not my opinion this is This is not my opinion this is what the FDA says just Google this go for it give It a try According to the FDA this can cause this Kind of problems such as immune diseases The immune impairment are you do you Follow what I'm saying I am not about talking about real

Madrologic diseases like uh rheumatoid Arthritis lupus I'm not talking about That well actually I am but I am talking Something even worse Our our White cells Or and basically everything that comes Around in our body and everything that Is uh from outside and from inside and Every single DC's Is uh Is going to be fight back or back The immune system is very important So you can fight virus Bacteria Fungus and so on and so forth tumors and Even Chronic diseases such as high blood Pressure even as let's say diabetes if You're overweight migraine every single Disease as you can tell me The immune system is involved so All of these ingredients can cause Immune Impairments in other words a disease in Your body Moreover Reproductive problems This is a very common problem nowadays Throughout the world Let's say cyst in the ovaries what about Uh polyps and many other problems Problems in the sperm sometimes the Sperm has a double head which is useless

For the reproductive purpose but with if You take these ingredients a lot of your Sperm will have a double head a triple Head no tail and so on and so forth Which will be uh no for no use for the Reproductive purpose okay What about the development this I'm Talking about children we all know that Uh once we hit 20 25 years old 20 25 Years old Our brain is completely developed So many children are eating Drinking lots of junk food and most most Of this junk food I would say probably All of the junk food has these Ingredients because there is no way There's no way the food industry is Going to use refined sugar it's really Costly and there is no way they're going To use bunk fruit or whatever They use these ingredients they are Cheaper So your children will have a no Well-developed Brain at all do you want your child to Have a low IQ do you want that feed your Child with junk food and soft drinks Coca-Cola and whatever he will get these Ingredients and there are four hence he Will have a low brain development If however if you're like me if you're Like on my team and you want your child To be brainy smart intelligent wise the Brightest child in the world then avoid

These ingredients no junk food no no Junk food for your children If you want to Subscribe to our Channel go for it if You want to share it go for it if you Want to comment or complain you can you Can go for it but it's better if you Complain here I'm kidding anyway uh this is ballman Brothers and I am your guest your your Uh not not guest Your host host I'll see you around