Best Supplements For Beginners 2018

Best Supplements For Beginners 2018

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Taking supplements when you are starting to workout and go into the gym can be a pain. So, I put this list together to help you wade through the supplement industry.

Here’s my Top 5 Pre Workout Supplements:

Here’s my Top 5 Creatine Supplements:

Here’s my Favorite Post Workout Supplement:

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This video shows my Top 3 Supplements that I think beginners should be taking. Now, not everyone does need to take supplements, but if you want here are the ones you should stick to.

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Hey what's going on everybody welcome to The gym rap world now my name is Rob and This is the only spot where you can go For fast and simple submarine views now Today max you're gonna be talking about The top three supplements a you should Be taking if you already beginner now I Definitely know what it's like to be a Beginner I have restarted going to the Gym not going to the gym many different Times now I've tried to lose weight try To gain back with all sorts of different Things so I definitely know what it Takes to be a beginner in the gym and so That's why I've brought together this List because I know when I was first Starting there's a whole lot to worry About had to worry about changing my Diet getting a good workout program in Worrying about all sorts of different Things so that's why I put together this List to kind of help you kind of sit Through the noise so I'll give you my Top three supplements that you should be Taking as a beginner in a nice quick Concise way and also down below I put Together some links to the top Supplements that I think you should be Taking but yeah other than that let's Just get right on into this All right now first of all I'm gonna Name these but they're not in any Specific order but these are the top Three now one of them is taking a

Pre-workout now there's different types Of pre-workout so you have pretty Workout set don't have any stimulants in Them you have pretty workouts that have Medium levels of simulants and also high Stim pre workouts as well so you have Three different types to choose from now What these are supposed to do for you They're supposed to just give you some Good energy and also help delay fatigue For you as well and some of them also Have some muscle building ingredients in There as well now what I suggest for you If you're just starting to find a Pre-workout that is not a super high Stim pre-workout you don't want anything Crazy you want something that has about 200 ish milligrams of caffeine in there So basically you just don't freak out When you take this and also I suggest Looking for pre workouts that have a Short ingredient list nothing that's too Complicated nothing too crazy out there And again I have links down below for Supplements that you could check out um That kind of fit into that criteria now If you are just beginning let's say that Tomorrow is your first day I am not Recommending that you take a pre workout Tomorrow I'm actually recommending that You take about a month to maybe two Months after you first workout and the Reason for that is because when you're First starting you have to make sure

That you can stay consistent and then You can get your energy levels up you Can do all those things on your own Without any help without any help from a Pre-workout or anything like that and That's what I did this last Sunday I Started working out and the reason for That is because I did not want to get Addicted to pre workouts a whole bunch Of people can get addicted to them Really quick and you can look at Supplements you can look at pre workouts As more of a must-have instead of a Nice-to-have So I think taking the first two months Off of no pre workouts at all is kind of Essential to make sure that you can fit Into that category and you don't get Kind of addicted to pre workouts because These are stimulants these are different Ingredients that help out your workout You can possibly get addicted to them so That's why I say you know just take pre Workouts a couple months after you first Begin and that's probably the best way To take a pre workout but you know after That first couple months they are Definitely going to help they're going To be those nice to have to make sure That you stay consistent because again When you're first beginning you have a Whole lot of things to worry about some Days you're not gonna work out if you're Planning on working out five days

Week sometimes you're only gonna go Three or four times a week sometimes You're gonna wake up in the morning or Whenever you want to go to the gym You're just sitting there saying nope I Want to do today on to sort and then all Of a sudden you're just rattling off all Kinds of excuses and that's where pre Workouts come because when you start Rattling off those excuses just grab Your pre-workout drink it and you can Still [ __ ] to yourself at all you want Because within 20 minutes you will have The energy and you will have the Motivation to go into the gym and that's Why I think pre workouts are essential As long as they are a good pre workout I Just think they're essential to helping You get into the gym and helping Beginners just stay consistent so yeah That's one of the top supplements to Definitely be taking if you're just Beginning in the gym but again just make Sure you give yourself about a month's Time of working out by yourself and Doing everything on your own first okay So next up is a good post-workout drink Something that has glutamine in there bc Double a's and also some electrolytes or Something like that something that's Gonna help replenish your body something That's gonna help your recovery time and Help with protein synthesis and that's Pretty essential especially when you're

First beginning because you're not again You're not gonna want to work out every Single day you're gonna have some tough Times and those times can be much more Tough if you're extremely sore if your Body's just barely moving anything like That now I'm not saying that these Supplements are going to completely cure That at all but I am saying is that they Are definitely going to help you out and That's why a whole bunch of people take Them that's why they're still around That's why they've done research on These supplements that have glutamine BCAAs in there they're just gonna help Your body recover and when you're first Beginning you definitely want that now I Would say that there's no issues taking BC double a's or would mean you know Right when he's first begin working out It's a little different from pre Workouts because again pre-workout so You can get addicted to them these post Workouts yes sure I guess you can get Addicted to them you can feel like you Always have to take them but also They're just replenishing things for you They're not adding in stimulants or Anything like that and that's why I say When you're taking these be CW's when You're taking this glutamine you have Some electrolytes you get done with your Workout you take this drink and Everything's all good you're feeling a

Little bit better from electrolytes and You also know your body is in the Process of recovering so then you can Hit that next day just as hard as you Hit the day prior That's one of the crucial things to make Sure that you're doing is staying Consistent and also keeping up the Intensity and that's where these Recovery supplements can come in handy Is to make sure that you keep up the Intensity because yes sure you can Workout for five days a week but if you Had diminishing levels of effort every Single day you're not really doing Anything sure you're doing more than What you used to but you're not really Progressing at the level that you could Be if you're staying completely Consistent with your effort and again That's one pre workout helps you stay Consistent with your effort and these BCAAs the glutamine is gonna help your Body recover so you can also stay Consistent so you're not doing your reps You're just complaining that you're too Sore your body eggs or whatever else all Right all right And the last supplement to be taking as A beginner is creatine creatine is going To help with your ATP levels in your Body as far as when you're working out You basically just deplete your ATP Levels and ATP is just basically energy

So if you deplete your levels of energy You don't have any energy and your Workouts probably gonna suck and you're Not gonna be able to do as much as you Actually want it to do and that's where A creatine comes in is because it helps Replace those ATP levels it kicks up That ATP production so you can have more Energy while you're in the gym and Everything will work out better for you So you can help get some better muscle Size and also strength from this Supplement as well it's not gonna add on Any unnecessary fat or anything like That and that's why I think this is a Good sub munte 'king when you're Beginning just to help with your Strength gains just to help you gain Give you a little bit more boost so then You can see some better results all Those sorts of things now one thing About creatine though is you have to Make sure that yours it's sticking tight With your water intake you need to be Drinking a whole bunch of water with This otherwise you're going to be Bloating and that's gonna do the Opposite because if you're trying to Lose weight and you're taking a creatine Supplement and then you start bloating Out that's probably gonna piss you off a Little bit right so make sure that You're doing all the right things when You're taking creatine supplements and

They should work for you and will just Help your progression just a little bit Better yeah that's what another Supplement to be taking as a beginner Because it's just gonna help with some Gains for you it's gonna help with your Muscle size is gonna help with your Strength for you you're just gonna feel A little bit better alright now that is The list the top three sum is to be Taking as a beginner now again Subnets are just going to help you out They are not going to take over all the Effort for you alright now you still got To make sure that you're staying Consistent you're putting out maximum Effort all that but you should not get To the end of your week and say oh I had A horrible week because I took the wrong Sub mints or I didn't take enough Supplements or any of that garbage okay That's a complete wrong way of thinking And that's not what I'm trying to Promote when I say to take these top Three sub mints okay what I am saying Though is that these things can just Help you out just a little bit in there Certain weights like pre workouts can Help out with energy if you're having a Shitty day you might need some energy to Get into the gym so that's where pre Workouts come in they can also help with Fatigue as well so you're not just Gassing out early so those are two main

Factors in making sure that you stay Consistent and that you're actually Going from a beginner to like an Advanced person that works out I don't Know if you call it advanced but just You go from a beginner that barely works Out just somebody that consistently Works out that's where they can come in Handy and then again you have that Creatine in there this is just gonna Help you internally while you're working Out just a house some more energy so You're putting on some more effort Because again all these movements that You're doing they're all going to be new And you're going to be just fumbling Around you're going to be a little Demotivated while you're doing it but if You have something in there that's Giving you more energy something that's Helping you push more you might feel a Little bit more confident with it you Might not give up as early and that's Where treating comes in and then again You have the post-workout drink now you Know this is just pretty essential Especially glutamine if you don't want Get feces always because b cw's have Some makes research on them if you don't Want to get those just get glutamine Because that's definitely for sure Something that does work because it's The most prevalent amino acid in our Bodies right now and we deplete those

Levels of glutamine every single time we Workout and it takes forever for us Replenish sense so if you're working out Consistently it becomes an issue so just Make sure you're getting something that Has glutamine I think BCA is in my mind Actually do work I never used to take Them take them now and they're awesome Okay so I just think having something That's in there just to help your body Turn out just better recovery and also Protein synthesis is just gonna help you Out again just a little bit more and Again those are the top three lists of Supplements make sure to comment below You have any questions on anything like This again I have links down below to Some and said I think are the top ones Out of each categories that elicit also Have top five lists of you know pre Workouts whether it's a non-stem high Stim or just a regular pre-workout again I do say stay away from the high stim Ones Oh and one other thing for those of you Who are sitting there thinking Rob why Didn't you mention protein well the Reason why I didn't mention protein is Because probably most of you watching This are trying to lose weight so you Should not start the process of losing Weight by adding something else in to me That doesn't make sense so that's why I Didn't have protein in here because

You're not adding on 25 grams of extra Protein to your diet they already trying To handle and all of that so that's why Protein is not in there I'll be it Either way like said again that's the Top three list thank you for stopping by I appreciate your time today yes [Music]