Best Plant Based Protein Powder 2018 (Top 5)

Best Plant Based Protein Powder 2018 (Top 5)

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Number 5 Pick is Vega Protein and Greens Supplement Buy It Here:
Here is a full supplement review of Vega Protein and Greens Supplement Here:
Ingredients: Pea, alfalfa, spinach, brown rice, hemp, kale, sacha inchi, broccoli.
20 Grams of Plant Based Protein Powder
25 Servings

Number 4 Pick is Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Buy It Here:
Watch the full supplement review of Warrior Blend Protein Powder by Sunwarrior Here:
Ingredients: Pea, Hemp, Goji, Legumes, MCT.
25 Grams of Plant Based Protein Powder
20 Servings

Number 3 Pick is Vega All In One Nutritional Protein Shake Buy It Here:
Watch the full supplement review of Vega One Here:
Ingredients: Pea, flaxseed, hemp, sachi inchi, broccoli, kale, spinach, beet root, pomegranate.
20 Grams of Plant Based Protein
19 Servings

Number 2 Pick is Orgain Organic Protein Supplement Buy It Here:
Watch a full review of Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Here:
Ingredients: Pea, Pumpkin Seed, Flaxseed, 9 essential amino acids, Omega 3’s.
21 Grams of Plant Based Protein
20 Servings

Number 1 Pick is Garden of Life Sport Plant Based Protein Buy it Here:
Watch the full review of Garden of Life Plant Based Protein Supplement Here:
Ingredients: Peas, Garbonza, Lentil Beans, Navy Beans, 2 billion probiotic blend, 5 grams BCAA’s, turmeric, tart cherry, blueberries, Antioxidants
30 Grams of Plant Based Protein Powder
19 servings

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Hey what's going on everybody welcome to The gym rat world my name's Rob and this Is the only spot where you get fast and Simple submarine eby's now today I'm not Just gonna be talking about one sub Meant I'm gonna be going over my top Five plant-based protein powders for you Today Now I judge my picks off a few different Things such as the reviews the price Make sure different ingredients and also The companies as well so I'm gonna be Covering all that information for you Today but it's gonna be quick all right We're gonna be moving right along it's Going to be nice concise accurate and Quick for you today now if you want to Get some more information on any of These supplements I talked about I've Actually done full reviews and I've put Links down below so you can check that Out if you want Other than that though if you do want to Pick up any of these summons as well You're not put links down below they'll Just shoot you straight over to Amazon So you could pick it up but yeah let's Just get into my top 5 plant-based Protein pods Okay so let's begin with my number five Spot which actually goes to Vega protein And greens now Vega is a supplement Company that just focuses and Specializes in plant based supplements

And natural supplements as well so you Know if you're getting a plant-based Protein powder you probably wanted from A company that specializes in plant Based products like Vega now they Brought out the proteins and greens and They're just trying to mix together a Little bit of protein a little bit of Greens together and that's part reason Why it made the list Now they sorts their protein from Actually brown rice peas Sansa and Chi And also hemp as well each container You're gonna get about 21 grams of Protein so a decent amount now as far as The greens part of this you're gonna put In alfalfa broccoli kale and a few other Ingredients in here as well so again Just round out this protein powder for You now as far as 5r it's only about 2 Grams of fiber and this whole thing is About 110 calories as well so all in all It's a pretty good protein powder it Just kind of mixes together some greens In there as well now as far as a price On this thing it's gonna be 38 dollars To each container so gonna give you About 25 servings so it's gonna be 21 Grams of protein 25 servings and about 38 dollars is gonna cost you so the Price on this is not too bad Also it is pretty well received at about 4 stars with over 2,000 people that have Reviewed it so that just means that the

Likelihood of you liking this supplement Is pretty high that's part reason why I Made the list this thing is just Reviewed pretty well the price isn't too Bad on it and you get a decent dosage of Protein in here as well and again that's My number 5 spot Vega proteins anchoring all right so Number 4 spot goes to Sun warriors Warrior blend plant-based protein powder Now this company obviously fancies Themselves some warriors they feel like They're fighting something they're Either fighting with the plants against Meat eaters I'm not sure what they're Fighting but they definitely think They're fighting something now this Company is also another company that Specializes in plant-based products and Natural products as well now they Brought out this protein and they put in A mixture of a couple different things Such as you're gonna get legumes in here Hemp seeds you're gonna get peas in here As well and you're also gonna get some MCTS some medium chain triglycerides so Much one more your data is just combined Some antioxidants some protein and also Some energy ingredients in here – pretty Much round out this protein now you're Gonna get 25 grams of protein per Serving in here about 2 grams of fiber The whole entire thing is gonna be about 150 calories for you as well and as far

As a price on this thing it's only about $38 for about 20 servings per container So again 25 grams of protein 20 servings About $38 if you compared to the last Protein this thing's just gonna give you A little bit more protein a little bit Less servings and it's gonna cost you About the same amount it's kind of like A wash if you look at it like that now As far as the reviews this thing raised Four stars with over 250 people that Have reviewed it most people are saying That they take the taste again it does Mix well for them it's not gritty and They're just digging this summons Helping them out again you're getting a Decent amount of protein in here you're Getting a decent amount of servings in Here and it's not costing you that much Either so yeah that's why I've made the List and again this is some warriors Warrior blend protein powder go ahead Check it out alright see you guys Hanging in there this is a number three Spot this goes to Vega again this is our All-in-one nutritional protein shake That they have now this all the one Nutritional protein shake is basically Like set a whole in one they threw in Peas in here Sancha in chi have flax Seeds they also put in pomegranate in Here as well and a whole bunch of Different all their ingredients so I'm Not gonna list but each protein serving

That you're gonna get is about 20 grams Of protein per serving each container is Gonna have about 19 servings per Container for you but again you're gonna Get this protein powder basically if You're just looking for a little bit of Protein because again 20 grams it's not Too much a little bit of protein though You're gonna get some antioxidants and Some other nutrients as well it's gonna Cost you a little bit more than the Other one it's gonna cost about $45 per Container for 19 servings so again 20 Grams of protein in here also 19 Servings and about $45 for you now this Protein powder is very popular okay it's Been reviewed a whole bunch of times About 4,000 times this thing's been Reviewed and it raised four stars which Is pretty good once you realize how many People have repeated because there's so Many different people with different Tastes different lights And everything basically so it's good to See this thing at four stars most people Again are just saying this thing does Not taste gritty it does actually taste Decent for most people and yeah they're Just liking all the different things That are in here and yet that is the Number three spot which goes to Vega Again they're all in one nutritional Shape right so we're at the number two Spot which goes to our gains plant-based

Protein powder now this is a very Popular supplement here now our gain is Another company that has also Specializes in plant-based organic and Natural sub mints now with this protein Powder they put in a mixture of peace' Flax seeds pumpkin seeds and even some Omega-3 ingredients in here as well now You're gonna get about 21 grams of Protein per serving in here and the Fiber in here is much higher than the Other proteins that I've listed so far You're gonna get about seven grams of Fiber and it's going to be about 150 Total calories per serving for this Supplement as well again this is a very Very popular plant-based protein powder That's out there it's been reviewed over 4,500 times it rates for starts and this Whole entire thing only costs you about $22 for 20 servings so this thing is Highly rated it doesn't cost you that Much you get a decent amount of servings And you get a decent amount of protein In here as well again from some high Quality sources as well so that's the Number two spot goes to our gains Organic plant-based protein alright so We're at the number one spot and this Goes to garden of life's sport Plant-based protein powder now garden of Life obviously is another company that Just specializes in plant-based products Natural products again if I'm getting a

Plant-based protein powder I'm gonna go To somebody that actually knows what They're talking about and knows what They're doing like garden of light and They put together this protein powder They put a whole bunch of different Things in here they have tart cherries They have blueberries they have lentil Beans they have navy beans they have Peas in here they have garbanzos in here And they also have five grams of BCAAs And they even have a probiotic blend in Here as well which means this is a Pretty all-around protein powder now Each serving of protein there's gonna be 30 grams of protein so significantly Higher than the other protein powders I've talked about today which is the Main reason why this one made the top of The list As far as the fiber you're only going to Get about two grams of fiber in here This whole thing is about 170 calories As well which means again it's just a Pretty good all-around protein powder Now as far as reviews this thing's rates 4.2 stars with over 300 people that have Repeated so it is one the highest Reviewed plant-based protein powders That's out there as well and on top of That the price is not too bad at about $38 if you compare this one to like my Number 5 spot number 5 spot you're only Getting about 25 servings per container

You're only getting about like what 20 Grams of protein in there as well and It's gonna cost you the same 38 dollars But you get this one garden from garden Of life you're getting some antioxidants You're getting some good protein sources In here as well you're getting some Probiotics for 30 grams of protein only About $38 as well so yeah basically with This garden of life protein you're just Checking off a whole bunch of different Boxes for a pretty good price and that's Why I've made the number one spot which Was garden of wise sport plant-based Protein powder and that is my list That's my top 5 plant-based protein Powders for you now if you disagree with Me if you have other protein supplements So you think should be on the list just Comment below I'll make sure to check Them out give you some feedback on them As well and yeah other than that I Appreciate your time today thank you for Stopping by just remember if you want Any more information on any of these Supplements I have links down below and Again if you want to pick up any of These I have links down below for that As well but yeah I appreciate your time Today thank you for stopping by [Music]