benefits of amaranth that you should know and take advantage of

benefits of amaranth that you should know and take advantage of

Amaranth is a very healthy pseudocereal and one of the oldest crops grown by mankind. In fact, it was widely used by the Aztecs, Incas and Mayas in their sacred ceremonies, where they mixed it with honey and made figures.

Due to its nutritional properties, it is considered one of the 36 most valuable vegetables. It resists drought and provides a high agricultural yield.

Although it shares certain properties with cereals, it has some properties of its own. For example, its high protein content brings it very close to legumes. Amaranth is also an excellent source of essential amino acids and is rich in B vitamins.

On the other hand, it provides fiber and healthy fats, has a great antioxidant power and, being gluten-free, it can be consumed by both celiac and intolerant people.

Due to its properties and versatility, it is a good food. It is consumed in the form of flours, oils, flakes, grains and leaves. It is also used in the chemical and cosmetic industries.

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And this is Dr Luis Vasquez For Bowman Brothers I want to talk to you about one product Called Amaranth that's the name of this product It's a natural product it's a natural Sea which has approximately 15 up to 17 Percent of the protein in other words Amino acids so this is this is marvelous This is a magnificent product for you to Eat on a regular basis every single day Just remember this among the Spaniards And the Hispanic Community they called They call amaranth to this product which Also has Um let's say walnuts almonds and other Seeds and other things it's natural Product it is called Alegria which means Joy so Alegria means Joy Joy It has a fundamental crucial background For this name amaranth Casa has a lot of Uh tryptophan amino acid which Eventually can produce serotonin Just take into consideration this Serotonin is The most important neurotransmitter In order to have Happiness feel Bliss elated you have to Feel happy The most important Antidepressants Citalopram acetylopram Sertraline

Paroxetine and so on and so forth They Make that the serotonin is not taken Away from the nervous Central system so In other words in order to be joyful in Your life eat a lot of animals that's All you need to know And you can find this product Alegria Joy eat them every single day Let's continue It has a lot of Lysine which is an amino Acid an essential amino acid that Eventually can produce collagen in our Body Remember in the dermis in our skin We stop producing collagen or or Decrease our production at certain time In our life say 25 28 30 years old we Stopped producing a good amount of Collagen that's what we need to improve Our diet and lifestyle remember this in Your soul do you want to be pretty Attractive get rid of wrinkles and Prevent them have a lot of collagen in Your body how with lysine how eating Amaranth did you get it it amaranth Every single day and you won't have Wrinkles sagging skin also of course you Must you must work out other words You're going nuts Also it has manganism which is important To prevent uh to prevent brain damage From Oxidants okay moreover

Amaranth has a lot of selenium which is Very important it's crucial Because it converts peroxidase I draw Hydrogen Or hydrogen peroxidase you want to say It both ways are are okay into water Into water thanks to the glutathione Peroxidase and selenium And you're gonna say what the hell is What the heck is this I don't get it Just remember this every time you eat Junk food On a can from a can freezing food every Time you don't cook your fruit your your Uh not food your your Meal from scratch You will produce hydrogen peroxidase Which is an accident of your body and Eventually this can cause Cancer cells so in order to get rid of This Obnoxious substance Eat a lot of selenium And your body will convert it into water Which is great how can you do that Eating amaranth did you get it Great also take into consideration that Well officially NASA has say that amaranth is the Official food for astronauts That's awesome that's awesome awesome If you read about the Aztecs before the Spaniards came into the Americas These people used to eat a lot of corn

Beans you know all that but nobody Taking takes into consideration that They used to eat a lot of amaranth which Is essential for their nutrition Guys we are about to release in the United States Which is a it's a beautiful it's a Beautiful useful product it's called Like this it's Caffe Legend which is a Collagen From Brazil remember these cows were fed With Um grass and no hormones at all And he also has coffee which is collagen And Coffee Plus pantothenic acid biotin Vitamins a c d e copper and very other Stuff in order to help your skin has Collagen in order to boost your hair Growth and your nails growth it's an Awesome product we already have Testimonies in about Two uh three months you will be able to Have this on Amazon USA Um pretty and Young Forever collagen Caffe Legend sorry about your pardon Cafe Legend Any in any way guys if you need more Help uh stay tuned for our next episode