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Hey guys I'm gonna do a video today on Tips for going vegan number one is to Educate yourself inform yourself so that You can know all the different reasons For going vegan because it definitely is A lifestyle not just a diet this helps You on your journey so that when others Have questions for you you're able to Answer them in confidence and it also Helps tremendously and simply inspiring You and exciting you about this new Lifestyle change Check out bite size vegan on YouTube she Has a video that covers almost every Topic on veganism that you could Possibly want to know information about Cows pharisee on Netflix is about the Environment Earthlings on YouTube is About having compassion for the animals Forks over knives is about eating a Whole Foods plant-based diet for optimal Health and wellness adapt org which is Gary yourofsky's website he's when my Favorite vegans out that i just love him So much there's a wealth of information In all about veganism section i'm gonna Put all these links and more in the Description box below so that you can Use all those resources you can in ways To help inspire you plus I'll put some Book book titles down there so that you Know different aspects and different Ways you can eat vegan like a starch Solution or the 80/10/10 night eating a

More raw fruit based way of eating and The forks over knives books and that Type of thing so you can kind of gather What which type of a vegan lifestyle is The most easy and accessible and Idealistic and exciting for you You Number two is to eat enough calories This is so so important if you aren't Eating enough calories to sustain Yourself you're not going to be feeling Your best you're going to start craving Those you know old habit die hard foods And your body is going to be missing Something the more calories you eat from Whole plant who's the more nutrients you Get in your body and the more satisfied You'll be so it can be really helpful to Track your calories on chronometer calm In the beginning plant foods in general Are lower in calories than animal-based Foods so this means you need to eat more Bites of food to be satisfied your Plates in to be larger and this can take Some getting used to a bit which is why Tracking your calories on chronometer For a bit can be really helpful Aim for at least 2,000 calories a day For women eat more if you desire eat Until you're totally satisfied like I Said from the reasons before I ate about 3000 calories a day right now because I'm breastfeeding I'm active with my Children and I also workout but

Basically until you're totally satisfied And track your calories for a while to Make sure you're getting enough calories Number 3 tip is a good way to help you Make sure that you get enough calories To make it easiest for you to get Calories it's just stock up on the Essentials that are high calorie whole Plant foods bananas dates mangoes Potatoes sweet potatoes yams rice quinoa Lentils beans rice pasta these are just A few examples and also you know whole Plant fats like avocado hemp seeds Coconut pumpkin seeds are also wonderful Additions to your diet yeah by stocking Up on these foods it'll be easier for You to be able to eat enough calories Because you'll have these high-calorie Whole plant foods in your house in Abundance this makes it so much easier Simply just so much here to have these Have these foods in the house in Abundance for you pick the foods that You like the best if you don't care for Beans you don't have to eat beans if you Love bananas stock up on loads of Bananas also if you're inspired to eat More raw paste simply go at a pace that Is comfortable and easy for you and Check out my ebook which I spell the 50 Raw food recipes and ten pages of health Tips um yeah there's going vegan there's There are so many different ways to eat Vegan find what works for you and what

Type of vegan diet that you like start Out with raw foods as your Meals of the day likes big smoothies for Breakfast or you know a big handful of Bananas and make your cooked meals as Your last meals of the day this is best And optimal for digestion to eat your Fruits as your first meal of the day the Next tip is to clean out the junk those Animal foods do not need to be in your House get them out of your house as soon As possible if you live with someone who Is not vegan and you'll be the only one Making the transition I would suggest to Get a separate cabinet for you like you Know all right this is your cabinet of Food and this is my cabinet food step so That every time you go to pick out food For a meal you can open your cabinet and See only vegan food so you know your Options and that way you're not tempted By the foods that you grew up on after a While your eating of calories to sustain Yourself you're not going to be tempted To eat those animal foods because the More you educate inspire yourself the Less appealing those foods will become And the more they will just simply not Look like food any more I can honestly Say that animal foods to me are the Equivalent of cardboard and like nails Like they do not they are simply not Food for me and the longer that you are Going in and the more you educate

Yourself and the more you're inspired by This lifestyle The less those foods will actually look Like foods to you but in the beginning It can be really helpful to separate Your foods out from the other people in The house who are not eating vegan so That you can have a cabinet full of your Own your own vegan foods all your Favorite vegan foods to keep you excited About what you're eating it to not be Tempted by the other foods as much as Possible that would be I think the Easiest way I can think about it next Tip is to find recipe recipes to Duplicate your favorite foods that you Grew up on every single food you grew up On can be vegan My favorite recipe my favorite recipe Sources for you know duplicating like Meals that you grew up on would be oh She glows calm or forks over knives da Club also I have a blog post my blog About my favorite cooked recipes and Also Bonnie Rebecca on my friend Bonnie She has she's so amazing I love her so Much but she all and she also has a Whole section on her front page of her YouTube channel scroll down to the last Section where she has a what I eat in a Day video she has lots of different Ideas for different foods that you might Love in your transition to veganism And she can give you so many ideas for

Different vegan meals you can make and Maybe doesn't does not have to be Complicated you can make meals so simply You do not have to go on to you know to Websites to find these like super Complicated dishes on how to make vegan Pizza and stuff like you so don't have To do that you can seriously simply just Pop some sweet potatoes in the oven or Boil sweet potatoes top it with some Guacamole and some arugula and call it a Meal so good so simple and so satisfying But for those times where you are having A hankering for those comfort foods that You grew up on definitely those websites Are a great resource and for anybody Else here's already vegan watching this Go ahead and put down your favorite Vegan recipe website blog cookbook Whatever so that people other googling Inspired yeah so my next tip is to Surround yourself with like-minded People or at the very least supportive People people who'd all support you in Your efforts towards living a more Compassionate and healthy lifestyle are Not friends worth having simply you can Connect with you with other vegans Through Facebook Instagram or vegan Meetup websites is a website called Meetup comm slash topic slash vegan and They have all these different lips are Made up vegan meetups all around the World so check that out for sure I can

Honestly say that almost all my best Friends are friends that I've met there Instagram it's so true I love you guys If you're watching if you happen to have Family members who are negative towards You simply be the best example you can Be for them this is where informing Yourself and educating yourself really Comes into play because that way their Negativity won't let Won't get you down and your new Lifestyle change don't let their Negativity get you down because it's Important to realize that others Negativity towards you is really just a Projection of their own you know Insecurities and negativities on Themselves so just remind yourself that You know the next thing is don't fret About mistakes along the way My friend Kat green once said about how Her grandma always telling her that Worrying is like sitting in a rocking Chair you go back and go forth and you Go back and go forth and you never get Anywhere and that's so true worrying and Stress is so not productive it's so not Helpful for your body either yeah so if You make any kind of mistake along the Way just pick yourself back up and keep On moving and the last tip is don't be Afraid to ask questions ask questions Along the way through people on Instagram or your other vegan friends

What you meet up with them people that You're inspired by simply love yourself Love the animals and love the planet you Got this yeah I hope this helps if you Have any other questions please put them In the comments below I'll try to get to Them and maybe other vegans too who are Already watching this will be able to Answer other people's questions below Bye what do you like the way the cold Floor feels Ha

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