BCAA and Fat Loss | Tiger Fitness

BCAA and Fat Loss | Tiger Fitness

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Marc Lobliner discusses if BCAA hinders fat loss.

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BCAA and Fat Loss | Tiger Fitnesshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmTt9_LsoIg

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Boom what's up everyone mark LaVon or Tiger Fitness comm from Jerry love Breedlove I was wondering if it was a Good idea to drink PCAs during your Train while you in a cutting phase for Contest I heard your bodies will use the BCS for fuel and you won't burn fat as Quickly so it's best not to use them What are your thoughts I think thinking That BCA will restrict our cause less Fat loss is the dumbest thing I've ever heard and that's no offense Chad but I've seen it around a lot the Thing is all the data we have as the Study on Commission where I own citation Shows that not only to branch aunts help You gain lean mass to help you lose fat When you're training I'm not there to Lose fat I'm there to build muscle where You're going to burn fat is in the EPOC That post exercise muscle burn and also When you have more muscle mass which Burns more calories in fat so you're Going to burn fat to deprive your body Of probably most important supplement um In fact I'd say probably over creatine You get creatine from beef you can't get free form aminos during your Train you can't get them from anything You have to have them in their free form For them to work that's why I recommend The two to 1:1 ratio as seen in machine Fuel but no not only does it not do that Chad but it also helps you burn more fat

And again when I start like dude I'll be Up with like branch chains the intra Workout category I'm the one who got out There popularized that that's my Category but that was in the past man I Made my money back down on branch Jase When I started mts I could have said you Know what I was wrong I'm gonna start Whatever I want I still stand by the Fact I have machine feel now in full Disclosure I stand by the fact that Branch chains are important if Not the most important one of the most Important supplements you can't take at All times whether you're bulking cutting Or having sex with farm animals It's the best thing you can take so drink your machine fuel and Don't listen to these armchair Quarterback scientists who have no idea How fat loss works fat loss isn't about What you burn during exercise fat loss Is about Thermodynamics at the end of the day Your calories are equal to where they Would have been in any form of diet so If you intervene fast if you eat Every three hours If you breakfast lunch or dinner at the End of the day the main determinant of If you lose weight or gain weight is the Calorie balance at the end of the day That's it I'm done ranting that's not a game