Australia Trip 2019 Vlog

Australia Trip 2019 Vlog

Welcome to my latest blog post! In today’s entry, we’re covering an incredible adventure – my Australia Trip of 2019, all captured on video for your viewing pleasure. Join me as I recount my journey through this magnificent country, sharing with you some of the most breathtaking sights, exciting experiences, and remarkable moments. Get ready to immerse yourself in the culture, the wildlife, and the sheer wonder of it all as we take a closer look at my Australia Trip 2019 Vlog. Let’s get started!

Hey guys, I know i’ve been MIA for the last 3 weeks but Layne & I took some time off to visit my family and friends back home in Australia. we’re finally back and ready to hit 2019 fast! So here’s a short video showing a little bit of went on for the last couple of weeks! Enjoy

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Australia is a destination that should be visited, at least once in your lifetime. The land of kangaroos, surfs, beaches, and coral reefs has so much to offer to its tourists. In this article, you’ll know about my Australia trip of 2019.

Planning the trip

Planning a trip to Australia needs a bit of research. In my case, I started planning three months before my travel dates. This includes:

  • Deciding the destinations: I listed down the destinations that I would love to visit. As Australia is a vast country, it’s difficult to cover all the cities in one trip. So I decided to limit my itinerary to Sydney, Cairns and Gold Coast.

  • Booking flights: Once the destinations were finalized, I looked for the best flight deals. It’s better to book the flights in advance to avoid last-minute price hikes.

  • Accommodation: I checked different websites for accommodation options. I finalised my hotels according to the proximity from tourist spots and budget.


Sydney is a city that never sleeps. The iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge are two of the most important landmarks in Sydney. Here are some of the things that I did in Sydney:

  • Visited Bondi Beach: The world-famous Bondi Beach should be on your list. The beach is popular for surfing, sunbathing, and relaxing.

  • Explored Taronga Zoo: Taronga Zoo is home to a wide range of animals. The zoo has a stunning location, with Sydney Harbour in the backdrop.

  • Harbour Cruise: I went on a Harbour Cruise to admire the beauty of the harbour. The cruise also gave me an insight into the city’s history.


Cairns is situated in northern Queensland and is known for the Great Barrier Reef. Here are some of the things that I did in Cairns:

  • Great Barrier Reef: It’s one of the seven wonders of the world and definitely worth a visit. I went on a day-long cruise that included snorkelling and scuba diving.

  • Kuranda: Kuranda is a small village that is surrounded by rainforests. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a must-try activity in Kuranda.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is known for being the theme park capital of Australia. Here are some of the things that I did in Gold Coast:

  • Visit to the theme parks: Dreamworld, Movie World, and Sea World- I visited them all!

  • Surfers Paradise: Surfers Paradise is situated on the coastline and is a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts.


My trip to Australia was a memorable one. It is a country with diverse landscapes and friendly people. I hope this article can provide you with some insights if you’re planning a trip to Australia.


  1. Is Australia Expensive?
    Australia is relatively expensive compared to other countries, especially when it comes to tourism.

  2. Which season is best for visiting Australia?
    The best time for tourists to visit Australia is from September to November and March to May when the weather is mild.

  3. How do I get around Australia?
    Australia has an extensive public transport system, including buses and trains. You can also rent a car if you want to explore at your own pace.

  4. Do I need a visa to visit Australia?
    Yes, you need a visa to enter Australia, even for tourism purposes.

  5. Which cities should I visit in Australia?
    It depends on your interests and travel style. However, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and Brisbane are some of the most popular cities in Australia.