Are plant-based proteins the future of food? | 7.30

Are plant-based proteins the future of food? | 7.30

By 2050, the CSIRO estimates food production will need to surge by 70 per cent to feed the planet’s predicted population of 10 billion people. Around the world, a growing number of consumers, particularly young ones, are replacing meat with more environmentally sustainable plant-based proteins. Michael Vincent reports.


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Let’s wash the lettuce Good shake It’s beautiful she gets right into it Just seeing her sort of light up and you Can put the ingredients together make Three out of one you roll them like Play-doh chef leoga strain and his Daughter lyla Love to cook cheeseburgers together at Home well that looks fantastic can i put Some of those reports through He’s the son of a butcher in austria i Grew up with meat galore obviously it Was on the plate every day But this burger has no beef at all It’s actually not meat it’s plant-based Protein but for me as a chef it’s Absolutely crucial to see it in front of Me next got that color and when you see It it’s actually bleeds because this Beetroot juice inside It’s not just the burger that’s Different Some panic cheese so it’s actually not Cheese but it melts like cheese it looks Like cheese and again for me as a chef It’s important when it looks like it Then automatically praying things you’re Having it For some this is what the future of food Will be I think that we can reimagine food Completely so they don’t need to look Like anything that you’ve ever eaten

Before so i really want to encourage you To use your creativity in thinking about That I think we urgently need to find Alternatives to farming Which themselves can greatly reduce Environmental impacts In the uk george monbio has been Documenting alternatives to traditional Protein production One of the most frightening things we Face is the realization that our farming System is not resilient With around two degrees of global Heating A lot of the world’s major bread baskets Become dust bowls he also advocates Substantial change to farming practices If we are to get through this century And subsequent centuries we need a Completely different relationship to the Land and using huge tracts of land to Produce meat Is not a sustainable use of that land There’s simply not enough planet For everyone to eat pasture-fed meat Unless we were to cut our meat Consumption massively I’m a sixth generation sheep and cattle Farmer i think pasture-fed beef is where The industry needs to return to Certainly if we’re going to address Issues around climate change piers Dumerick agrees change is needed but

Believes pasture-fed beef along with Better farming practices is the solution I would say that Meat production In a mixed farming system Where you’ve got animals and crops Interacting is a very beneficial Environmental product But he accepts consumers are pushing for More plant-based proteins As a meat producer i definitely can’t Say that they eat too much they probably Don’t need enough plant-based protein Has a very valuable place on the Supermarket shelf and Is a product that consumers clearly want By 2050 we’re going to have 10 billion People on earth and with that we’re Going to need to have produced 70 more Food And so csiro is looking to address that Food gap By generating new novel sustainable Healthy and affordable proteins We have about one and a half million Tons of fresh fruit and vegetables that Don’t actually never make it to market So we can actually value add to those by Taking techniques like fermentation and Stabilization and drying These protein powders can be 3d printed Into easily digestible food Like this trial in an aged care facility In singapore

This restaurant in israel claimed in 2019 to be the first to serve cultured Chicken to customers who can view it Being made Let’s take him out to mummy for all the Technological possibilities chef leo has One hope for me as a chef i almost feel Responsible To give people better food we don’t Really have a choice and i think the Industry has done an amazing job Creating certain products which look Almost taste and got the same texture as The real thing and i think it’s Incredible eating better For me that’s the main thing eating Better Hi i’m lee sales thanks for watching This story if you’d like to watch more Of 730s stories they are on the left of Your screen and tap on the button below To subscribe and get the latest from abc News