Are BCAAs A Waste Of Money???

Are BCAAs A Waste Of Money???

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What's good YouTube you know who it is Chris Jones represent physiques of Greatness and right now guys I'm going To cover a topic but get asked about the Topic is are BCAAs worth the money if You're very active in the YouTube Fitness community this question has been Eggs All the way around this [ __ ] yeah I Want to know my opinion the BCS really Work it really works the money if you've Been watching my channel while you know That I personally take BCAAs you may Have heard me say many times BCAAs will Make lesbians go both ways Well here's my opinion guys I'm kinda in A I'm kind of in-between – you know I'm saying in my opinion I Feel like you should you should follow Your budget if you can afford them go Ahead and give them a try if you can't Really afford them go ahead and go with The [ __ ] you need like protein and Creatine etc now let me explain this There are studies showing that BCA's Work through salvation if you familiar With laying Norton you know sin he have A youtube channel as well very popular Coach he had a PhD he stands behind BCAAs you know Martin Loeb liner here's To our own starvation you know I'm Saying BCA's have been tested and they Seem to work then you have the other Group of people and say they work but

They're not necessary because a lot of Proteins like steak and way comas BC is Already in it well the argument is when You take B shares in freeform They work even better my opinion man if You're going to for them go ahead and Try them but if you can't afford them Don't sweat it just go ahead and get Your whey protein make sure you're Getting the play make sure you're Getting plenty of high quality proteins Like steak and chicken and you'll be Okay you Just make sure your diet is very high And leucine taking BCAAs will ensure That now let me be a hundred percent Honest with you guys I'm being a hundred Mr. honest with you because you know That I keep real you know I'm saying When I didn't have very much money I didn't buckle BCAAs uh when I was Bulking all I took was my fish oils I took my creatine I took my uh me I Threw my fish oils my creatine and I had Whey protein pre-workout I would have Coffee bananas and protein you don't Believe me you can go to my old videos You know saying and I had a little extra Money I put a little arginine in my Shakes to give me a good pump that's it That's all I used but when I was dieting Even though all of our budget I would Use BCA's because the leucine would help Preserve muscle what's the point of

Going on a book for eight months to a Year if you're not going to do Everything in your [ __ ] power to Preserve all the muscle you build I Would hate to work out for a whole year Get fat and go ahead and go on the cut And be the same exact [ __ ] size that Will be the worst feeling in the world So yes I do think if you're cutting go Ahead and invest some BCAAs and if You're bulking they'll be a good Investment too but if you can't afford It don't sweat it you're still make good Gains if you're in a high calorie Surplus you're taking your creatine You're getting your sleep and your diet Is already high quality amino acids okay So I hope that helps you out go ahead And comment below let me know what you Think don't forget to like my [ __ ] Comment subscribe holla back at your boy Gggg [ __ ] down please