6 Shocking Reasons To Drink BCAAs

6 Shocking Reasons To Drink BCAAs

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Do you supplement with BCAAs?

Are they worth the cost?

And what do they really do for you?

These are all really great, and really honest questions.

BCAAs are a supplement that I have taken for a long time, so here are my top 6 SHOCKING reasons I drink BCAAs and why you may want to consider adding them to your routine.

Not only do you get my top 6 reasons to drink BCAAs, I also discuss what BCAAs and GAINS have in common!

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So when I trained back with Tim Thompson Who is a UH he basically is a Competition coach that's where I learned A lot of what I know about bodybuilding Now I am NOT a bodybuilder right I get Scrutinized on social media Oh your biceps are too big and your legs Aren't big enough and this and that and I said I just send myself like gosh if I Was a bodybuilder or if I was in that Space yeah great I'm not a bodybuilder I Don't want to be a bodybuilder I don't Want that I want to be a company a Person that you can go to for trusted Fitness information I want that I don't Care about how big my biceps are or how Define my legs are or how awesome my Six-pack or how wide or not wide my my Torso is I don't care about that stuff I Care about you and I care about this Movement and that's all so thanks thanks Connor anyway so but I but I have been Through the trenches I've got lots of Certifications I've got lots of Education and I trained under some Really really really good people and one Of those people is Tim Thompson so to Bring back that story so about a year Ago I was training with him I was Actually thinking about doing a show at One point and he had me drinking BCAAs Before my workout during my workout and After my workout and I was like well Isn't this a little isn't this a little

Overdone and I and I didn't know at the Time right and he said no just do that And so I did that not thinking anything Of it well fast forward now I've got my Own BCAAs it's really easy to Over-consume BCAAs when you've got an Unlimited supply of them and so I drink Them a lot and in fact I drink them Three to five times everyday and what I Have been doing is I've been drinking Them throughout the night so when I wake Up I wake up two to three times every Night sometimes I get up for an hour and Go back to bed sometimes it's just a Quick I go to I go pee I take a sip of BCAAs and I go to bed and what I found Is that that studies actually show that When you drink BCAAs at night or first Thing in the morning that they they they Ought they offer some benefit because What happens is is your body goes into a Catabolic state stage because you're Technically Fasting overnight and so that's why BCAAs are so good with muscle retention And muscle in recovery overnight so I Want to talk to you about some more Benefits right people are like well Water BCAAs when should I take them What's optimal not everybody needs to Take BCAAs if you are just starting out And your thing right now is is you're Just getting out and you're walking and You're being more active and maybe

You're doing maybe you're doing a little Bit of – Lithuanian maybe you're doing You know some cardio some stairs maybe You're doing just some basic stuff do You need BCAAs like I'm drinking DCA's No absolutely not they're not right for Someone like that um I shouldn't say They're not right for someone like that They're right for everybody but I don't Think that that person who is just doing Some cardio is not really breaking down The muscles really needs to be concerned With drinking so much BCAAs hey from Arizona so BCAA is branch chain amino Acid and that is leucine isoleucine and Valine that's what makes up BCAAs okay And let me talk to you really quickly About some of the benefits that I have Now come to realize through my own – my Own consumption but then also a lot of The studies that I've been reading so Muscle growth is is there's actually Studies that show that athletes or Bodybuilders who were taking BCAAs Versus non versus the athletes who Weren't taking BCAAs the people that are The the athletes that we're taking VCAs Show a significant increase in muscle Growth versus those who versus those who Weren't taking them so that's one um The next one is uh is to fight or delay Fatigue so you know right what I've Always said about BCAAs is is they Increase the rate – perceived exertion

That means you go stronger faster longer And more efficient while you're working Out and that's why I say if you're going To take them only one time only one time You take them in to workout the other Thing is mental focus this is something I didn't know so I've come to learn that They're also good for mental focus the Other thing and Amanda actually found This because when I talk about something She actually goes and looks it up so She's digging it digging for information And study Using all kinds of things from credible Sources – the other thing is is what we Found is that some studies are showing That they boost that loss which I am NOT Going to put my stamp on that because I'm not 100% sold on that I'm just Telling you what I'm reading okay so That's the other one They ward off hunger and this one I will Put my stamp on now I'm not saying you Can drink them one time a day and this Will happen I'm saying that if you Consistently drink them over a period of Time that they will ward off hunger and I know this because I said something to Amend I said gosh all of a sudden I'm Not really as hungry as I have been and She's like you know could be the BCAA so That one and then of course repair and Recovery now what I've also found right And I'm reading a couple of things that

I've got written on the board is if You're going to take them a couple of Times a day let's say you're going to Take them twice a day during your Workout and post-workout or the two most Important times during your workout Because they fuel your body they extend The rate to the rate to perceived Exertion and then post-workout for Muscle recovery and regeneration those Are the two most optimal times to take BCAAs if there was only two so then the Other thing right is that it also that Same busine also boosts insulin levels And so if you know anything about Insulin levels they're their anabolic It's an anabolic hormone that also works To stimulate protein and let me try this Again synthesis I got it boom so that Really yeah and one more thing one more Thing I'm reading this so when you add When you ingest amino acids right Individually or whole protein they're Preferential to the liver Thanks.thanks Borelli they're Preferential to the liver well BCAAs go Directly into the muscles That's why well that that's that's why You want to consume them so that you Guys is six reasons to drink BCAA in a Nutshell