3 HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS // 10 Minute Meal Ideas!


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[Music] Hey guys welcome back to another youth Trip that I actually planned and Uploaded in this three days ago but I Went down south and made up with a few Girls from James shark and honestly I Just wanted to have a really good time With all of them and we could dress it Me up and actually have time to get to Know each other and spend and we did Flog and you have more content coming From that but I really did just push my Video essay it because I just wanted to Actually spend time with these three Girls and obviously ladies husband as Well and actually really get to know People rather than always focusing on What which we all tend to do when you're In this youtube business you always end Up getting together and it's like right Well you know well we'll have the known Emma log or separate we work for a few Hours never go to bed so we all have two Nights together and Ethel will keep this Module until after then so that's what You as three healthy high-protein vegan Recipes so they are ten minutes or less To make so something nice and quick nice And easy if you are coming in from the Gym what a quick post-workout meal or if You are wanting something really easy to Peel prett but he goes to work school University College anything like that And you want to take food with you on

The go these sea meals can be put in Containers or Tupperware and taken to Those places the next day and we heat it If you want or just eaten cold as well So hope you guys enjoy it if you do it Give this video a big thumbs up But the recipes are like I said really Simple really easy and if you do enjoy This pad you will make sure you let me Know down below so I know what to keep Making recipe based videos so let's go Okay so our first recipe as a veggie Bean jelly so for this it's really so Important really easy you just want to Start off by stuff right together Two garlic cloves 1/2 an onion and Chilies are optional if you don't like Its pasty then just omit the chilies or I feel like it just mailed lee spicy Maybe use jalapenos instead once they're All cooked you want to add in your spicy So cumin paprika coriander black pepper And salt Just to your own taste so I'd only put Over a tablespoon of each and I really Do like it Flavorful I feel And then I always add in water just to Kind of make it really cook well and the Spacey's and this kind of makes a paste Almost and makes it really okay now come Together and act as like a base paste For your chili so you can see up really Close here that's all nice and paste

Like that's the only word I can use to Describe it it's paste that's exactly What it's like so once that's ready you Want to then add and to tens of chopped Tomatoes so these are four hundred gram Tens add in two of those and just mix Everything around together until it's Well combined and then we're going to Add in a ton of sweet corn a ton of Three bean salad and chickpeas etc are Optional but I just kept to the 110 of Beans because I felt like that just Worked and really really well with the Amount of liquid that was going on so That's pretty much all you have to do Add an extra black salt black salt white Pepper and so if you do wish so and then You just can leave it to simmer to get More flavorful or you can just eat it Straight away it's totally up to you so Personally I'm actually up with brace And it's really easy to just take this On the go with you you can put a lid on It these containers are from Amazon They're really really cheap and the Reusable as well Moving on we have a tool food passed out With peas and as amazing because it's Pesto pasta so starting off you just Take up a handful of cherry tomatoes and Just stir fry them I personally that use A bit of oil just to get them the right Consistency and then I did endless Marinated tofu from Tesco so it's

Already precooked and it's just really Heating up if you like and sort of adds In a crunch once they're both cooked Well you want today and add in your peas And then your pesto and my camera for Some reason did not fell in the actual Paste or when I was putting it in the Pan so you just saw it on the bottom Right hand off the screen if you don't Want to see which one I used I just got It from Tesco it was in the free from Ale moving on just add in your pasta Once that's all combined at that stage Turn the heat off so that it's not Drying out makes the passed around with The pesto and the peas and tomatoes and Tofu and that's pretty much that's legit Don't even take me ten minutes I'd say Maybe about eight minutes in total they Tame the pasta cook is how long it took Again just put this in a Tupperware or Some kind of reusable container and take It on the go Next up we have our kind of bodybuilding Staple a few like so teriyaki tofu done With some brown rice and veggies for the Tofu I just cut it into cubes after Draining it you want to just cook it Either side until it's really nice and Crispy you'll see when I flip over they Color that it kind of should be I use And like a coconut oil spray or some Kind of oil spray rather than full-on Oil when I'm doing tofu and it just

Works out perfectly this is also a Nonstick pan I feel that that really Helps as well but this just makes a Really quick and easy way to do your Tofu so maybe two to three minutes Either side and then add on your Teriyaki sauce and some black pepper Black pepper really gives this almost a Space so maybe don't add that if you Don't really like that kind of flavoring Don't leave this in the pan too long Because you'll find this also actually Burn so just take it out and let it set And a ball both to do your veggies so Just add a number of water and the Leftover teriyaki sauce from the pan Just sauté up some vegetables so I only Had broccoli and peppers so I just used Broccoli in papers add all this to a Tupperware with some brown rice and Voila you have your three healthy Good meals and I really hope you guys Try them and enjoy second guys were Watching I really hope you do enjoy the Video don't forget to give it a thumbs Up if you did enjoy it and also make Sure you tag me on Instagram or comment Down below if you try out the recipes so I know how you enjoyed them and if You're new don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video

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