20 Foods Rich in Protein If You're Broke

20 Foods Rich in Protein If You’re Broke

Are you looking to build muscle, shed fat, or improve your metabolism? If so, then having a protein-rich diet is an excellent way to do that. But with grocery store prices being on the rise these days, beef and pork aren’t really the best options for those who have a very tight budget.


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In a nutshell:

Fortunately for your broke self, there`s an entire host of incredibly nutritious and low-cost protein options to choose from.
Black beans, canned tuna, oats, and peanut butter are just a few of the many cheap protein foods we have in mind.

Want to know what protein sources you can add to your daily diet to hit your protein goals without breaking the bank?
A cult favorite among vegans and vegetarians is none other than lentils.
Aside from protein, lentils are also packed with nutrients like fiber, folate, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, and iron.

Whether baked, scrambled, fried, or poached, eggs are one of the most affordable proteins due to their phenomenal nutrient density.
Also, eating them whole grants your body complete protein.
Canned tuna is another seriously cheap protein food if you`re looking to bulk up.

For starters, it`s a complete protein source.
As a concentrated source of peanuts, natural peanut butter is one of the least expensive sources of plant protein.
Peanut butter isn`t just loaded with protein but also healthy fats.
You can easily add them to your baked goods, marinades, sauces, and dressings.

Oh and smoothies, shakes, and oats also taste extra delicious when added to peanut butter.
Then worry not because that`s another cheap protein source added to your list.

With their stellar nutritional profile, chickpeas make a great ingredient in many dishes like homemade hummus and salad.
Want a complete protein source but you`re a vegetarian/vegan?
Love it or hate it, tofus is one of the inexpensive proteins you can add to your grocery cart.

It`s jam-packed with protein and is plant-based.
If not, you can add it with the rest of your veggies, whether steamed or fried, while cooking your main source of protein.
Edamame would make a perfect snack or another ingredient to your stir fry and salad or however you like it.

It`s a low-priced plant-based protein made from immature soybeans.
Edamame is also another welcome addition to vegetarian or vegan diets.
What`s more, they`re a whole protein source, containing all the essential amino acids that the body requires.
Like many other beans, black beans are a great source of fiber, protein, and folate.

These little black beauties cost less than 20 cents per serving so you can easily bulk up your soups, chilis, stews, and salads with these if you want to.

Black beans are also high in fiber, which aids in reducing hunger and boosting fullness.
Sardines are a complete protein source with added benefits of being high in vitamin D and omega-3s.

Although these fishes aren`t exactly drool-worthy, they do pack an impressive amount of protein and are extremely cheap.
Greek yogurt is everyone’s favorite slimming snack.
It’s cheap, protein-packed, and makes a wonderful post-workout food to help build muscle and replenish energy.

Whether eaten plain, added to baked goods, or included in smoothies, yogurt is an excellent protein source.
Looking for a more portable protein snack?
High in plant-based protein and low in cost, you`d never go wrong with almonds.

So, feel free to munch on almonds alone or throw a handful of them into blended smoothies and protein shakes for added texture.
Whey protein powder
You`re likely very familiar with whey protein already if you`ve been in this protein business for a while now.

For newbies, whey protein is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing.
It`s also the most concentrated source of complete protein among protein powders.
Whey protein is cheap, protein-rich, low-calorie, and fast absorbing, so what more could you ask for really?

It`s an easy way to increase your protein intake when you eat it alongside your favorite fruits.
This brekkie staple is, after all, an excellent source of fiber and carbohydrates.


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Are you looking to build muscle shed fat Or improve your metabolism if so then Having a protein-rich diet is an Excellent way to do that but with Grocery store prices being on the rise These days beef and pork aren’t really The best options for those who have a Very tight budget fortunately for your Broke self there’s an entire host of Incredibly nutritious and low-cost Protein options to choose from black Beans canned tuna oats and peanut butter Are just a few of them any cheap protein Foods we have in mind want to know what Protein sources you can add to your Daily diet to hit your protein goals Without breaking the bank just keep Watching this video before we continue a Like would be great number one lentils a Cult favorite among vegans and Vegetarians is none other than lentils They’re virtually countless ways of Using these small But Mighty legumes and Meals for just 33 cents per serving you Can have lentils in your desserts stews Or pizza crusts even aside from protein Lentils are also packed with nutrients Like fiber folate magnesium manganese Potassium calcium copper and iron number Two eggs any bodybuilding diet always Includes the ever so humble egg whether Baked scrambled fried or poached eggs Are one of the most affordable proteins Due to their phenomenal nutrient density

Plus eggs are highly versatile have Whole eggs though because the yolk Contains half the eggs protein content Also eating them whole grants your body Complete protein number three canned Tuna canned tuna is another seriously Cheap protein food if you’re looking to Bulk up for starters it’s a complete Protein Source second it’s low in Calories and the bonus part is that it Has a long shelf life when stocking up On the staple go for the chunk light Variety light tuna is harvested from Smaller fishes which are lower in Mercury number four peanut butter has a Concentrated source of peanuts natural Peanut butter is one of the least Expensive sources of plant protein Peanut butter isn’t just loaded with Protein but also healthy fats you can Easily add them to your baked goods Marinades sauces and dressings Alternatively you can just dip your Favorite fruits with it for a similar Protein team boost oh and smoothies Shakes and oats also taste delicious When added to peanut butter number five Dry chickpeas do you have a taste for Chickpeas then worry not because that’s Another cheap protein Source added to Your list with their Stellar nutritional Profile chickpeas make a great Ingredient in many dishes like homemade Hummus and salad moreover chickpeas are

Good for weed management as well as Insulin and glucose regulation want a Complete protein Source but you’re a Vegetarian vegan tofu is a good one more About this here number six tofu love it Or hate it tofu is one of the Inexpensive proteins you can add to your Grocery cart it’s jam-packed with Protein and is plant-based while it’s Very Bland on its own tofu is great at Carrying strong flavors so it’s better To have it marinated if not you can add It with the rest of your veggies whether Steamed or fried while cooking your main Source of protein number seven edamame Edamame would make a perfect snack or Another ingredient to your stir fry and Salad or however you like it it’s a low Priced plant-based protein made from Immature soybeans edamame is also Another well welcome addition to Vegetarian or vegan diets what’s more They’re a whole protein Source Containing all the essential amino acids That the body requires number eight Black beans like many other beans black Beans are a great source of fiber Protein and folate these little black Beauties cost less than 20 cents per Serving so you can easily bulk up your Soups chilies stews and salads with These if you want to heck you can even Use them to make nutritiously delicious Brownies and black beans are also high

In fiber which AIDS in reducing hunger And boosting fullness number nine Sardines sardines are a complete protein Source with added benefits of being high In vitamin D and Omega-3s although these Fishes aren’t exactly drool worthy they Do pack an impressive amount of protein And are extremely cheap sardines are Very convenient and without Mercury a Good way to eat the seafood is to top it With freshly squeezed lemon juice number 10 plain Greek yogurt Greek yogurt is Everyone’s favorite slimming snack it’s Cheap protein packed and makes a Wonderful post-workout food to help Build muscle and replenish energy Whether eaten plain added to baked goods Are included in smoothies yogurt is an Excellent protein Source looking for a More portable protein snack try almonds Continue watching to know more number 11. whole almonds high in plant-based Protein and low in cause you’d never go Wrong with almonds they’re also known For their fat burning capacity so it’s Great to Nosh on them before you hit the Gym so feel free to munch on almonds Alone or throw a handful of them into Blended smoothies and protein shakes for Added texture number 12 whey protein Powder you’re likely very familiar with Whey protein already if you have been in This protein business for a while now For newbies whey protein is a byproduct

Of cheese manufacturing it’s also the Most concentrated source of complete Protein among protein powders whey Protein is cheap protein Rich low Calorie and fat absorbing so what more Could you ask for really number 13. Cottage cheese brimming with protein Cottage cheese is sometimes referred to As the healthy men’s ice cream it’s an Easy way to increase your protein in Intake when you eat it alongside your Favorite fruits the curdle cheese also Has a solid dose of calcium and B Vitamins and can even help fend off Hunger come bedtime due to its slow Digesting casein content number 14 oats Oats have always been an incredible Breakfast dish since time immemorial This brekkie staple is after all an Excellent source of fiber and Carbohydrates oats are also very Inexpensive with many stores selling Bulk rolled oats for less than two Dollars per pound moreover compared to Other grains they’re much higher in Protein when buying oats pick the Traditional varieties whether rolled Steel cut or instant and not the highly Processed ones with flavoring and added Sugar number 15 hemp seeds and while You’re at it sprinkle your oats with Hemp seeds a vegan source of complete Protein these nutty tasting seeds aren’t Just high in protein but also Omega-3s

That help keep you satiated Alternatively you can have hemp powder Which is derived from hemp seeds next up Is quinoa a very popular food in the Wellness world and for a good reason Number 16 quinoa quinoa is a complete Protein having all nine essential amino Acids that the body needs but cannot Self-produce this whole grain is another Great budget-friendly protein option for Vegans and vegetarians it also contains More protein per gram than any other Grain you’ll find stocked in the Supermarket quinoa is delicious in Dishes like soups and porridge number 17 Sunflower seeds sunflower seeds are one Of the cheapest edible seeds in the Market this portable snack is a decent Source of plant protein additionally Sunflower seeds are full of good Unsaturated fat making them agreed in Between meal snack when you feel like Nibbling on something healthy you can Also add these seeds to salads cereals Or smoothies number 18 amaranth amaranth May not be on the top of the list of Pantry Staples but if you want a protein Packed gluten-free green then it Definitely deserves a spot this high Protein carb food is a better option Than other protein Rich carbs as it Provides a decent amount of plant Protein per serving amaranth works well In many recipes and is easy to prepare

Here as it’s cooked just like rice or Quinoa number 19 canned salmon fresh Wild caught salmon can be pretty Expensive and so you can just grab the Cans which will cost you under a dollar Per serving canned salmon is a cheap and Convenient way to up your protein and Nutrient content it includes a ton of Vitamins and minerals like Omega-3s B12 Vitamin D and selenium number 20 ground Turkey more affordable than whole turkey Breasts ground turkey is a great cheaper Alternative it’s highly nutritious too Since turkey is a lean low-calorie meat That’s jam-packed with protein turkey Also boasts nutrients like B vitamins And selenium ground turkey is a Versatile low cost than healthy protein Choice that can be used in many recipes Plus it’s a great substitute for ground Beef and cooking one convenient way to Boost your protein intake is through Protein shakes but aside from promoting Muscle growth there are several other Benefits that come with consuming it Click here to know what happens when you Drink a protein shake every morning Foreign [Music]

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